Monday, 28 February 2011

Dress For The Win

So the 83rd Oscar's ceremony was last night and yes you have seen the glossy photos by the plentiful & yes we ALL wish we could have attended...however lets address all the events this weekend including Sir Elton John's after party and Vanity Fair. Completely star-studded, we will pay homage to the best dressed people.

In your opinion who was the best dressed female or male this weekend? Sooo many looks to choose from!


Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bomb H e a d

Ladies, don't be alarmed but do address the situation. Your boy, Chris Breezy has dyed his hair. Blonde. Yes we are serious, but we refuse to take action against him until we realize his true intent for doing this. Whether it be a publicity stunt, faux pas or for an upcoming movie role, we like to think Chris knows that IT DOES NOT SUIT HIM!! We love you Chris but not the hair....well at least that's our opinion.

Readers....what do you think of Mr. Brown's latest venture? Love it or hate it, we'd like to hear about it! Drop us a comment and let us know your initial reactions.

This photo was tweeted earlier this evening

Friday, 25 February 2011


Lo & Behold! We have hit Spring and time for Mac's new 'character' collection....Beauty freaks meet Wonder Woman! The packaging is blue, red and gold as you can imagine and until it finally reaches the UK, we simply cannot wait.

SPOILER: Of course it is already on sale in the US, so if you're dying to see what will be on offer you can browse the US site >>> Click Here 

However here are a few snaps from whats on offer...Start saving your pennies!!

B r a v e Feet

Lala Vasquez, also known as Carmelo Anthony's wife, has put nothing but her best foot forward lately...and we mean literally. For those unaware of current sports news (we don't blame you), Carmelo has recently been traded to the New York Knicks and so for his first game, Wifey came equipped.
Customized, made-to-order Christian Louboutin's in the Knicks colours: Cobalt Blue and Orange.
Call the idea what you will...but the outcome was nothing short of beautiful.

Now that's what we call a dedicated fan! So, do you think its a crazy idea or do you like the concept of Sports meets Fashion?


...And just in case you didn't already know. LaLa often accents her look with bright pieces...


The F I N E R Things

Attention to detail is what makes an outfit go from an 8 to a 10. With that being said, lately we've seen beautiful nail colours, inspiring art and classy tips. Here is collection of the season's best dressed fingers! (The first image is actually what my current nails look like! (: )

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

M I S S Lady

Another one of our team Photoshoots with the gorgeous Edil. Nothing but beauty to inspire us.



Introducing the first of many Photoshoots...this is one of our gorgeous editors here on A.T. L.
World meet Karyn.
The shoot was inspired by Karyn's love for thick statement eyebrows that were a runway focal point a few seasons ago.