Friday, 25 February 2011

B r a v e Feet

Lala Vasquez, also known as Carmelo Anthony's wife, has put nothing but her best foot forward lately...and we mean literally. For those unaware of current sports news (we don't blame you), Carmelo has recently been traded to the New York Knicks and so for his first game, Wifey came equipped.
Customized, made-to-order Christian Louboutin's in the Knicks colours: Cobalt Blue and Orange.
Call the idea what you will...but the outcome was nothing short of beautiful.

Now that's what we call a dedicated fan! So, do you think its a crazy idea or do you like the concept of Sports meets Fashion?


...And just in case you didn't already know. LaLa often accents her look with bright pieces...


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  1. omg those cobalt blue loubie's are amazing!